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Illustrator Fundamentals

Illustrator Fundamentals is a two-day course that will introduce you to the basics of the industry standard of graphics programs. You'll leave this course knowing how to use Illustrator to create vector graphics, type effects, and you'll also learn about path editing techniques, filter effects, and masks. If you're ready to start creating custom logos, graphics, and more, then Illustrator Fundamentals is where to start.

Upcoming Classes

Saint Paul, MN

This course is currently offered as a Private Training. Please contact us to customize and schedule your individual or group event.

To conform with social distancing guidelines, we are only offering our classes online at this time.

Course Outline

Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Understanding the Workspace
  • Adjusting the user-interface brightness
  • Changing the view of artwork
  • Working with the Tools panel
  • Exploring the Control Panel
  • Working with Panel Groups
  • Using panel menus
  • Resetting and saving your workspace
  • Viewing artwork
  • Navigating multiple artboards
  • Arranging multiple documents
  • Finding resources for using Illustrator

Techniques for Selecting Artwork

  • Selecting objects
  • Using the Selection / Direct Selection Tools Selecting objects
  • Aligning objects
  • Working with groups
  • Working in Isolation mode
  • Exploring object arrangement
  • Hiding and locking objects

Using Shapes to Create Artwork

  • Creating a new document
  • Working with basic shapes
  • Combining and editing shapes
  • Working with the Shaper tool
  • Creating ellipses, polygons, and stars
  • Changing stroke alignment and width
  • Joining paths
  • Using the Width tool
  • Outlining strokes
  • Working with the Pathfinder panel
  • Working with drawing modes
  • Using Image Trace to create shapes

Editing and Combining Shapes and Paths

  • Editing paths and shapes
  • Using the Width Tool

Transforming Artwork

  • Working with artboards
  • Transforming content: scaling, reflecting, distorting, rotating, and shearing objects

Creating an Illustration with the Drawing Tools

  • An intro to drawing with the Pen tool Creating artwork with the Pen tool
  • Drawing with the Curvature tool
  • Editing curves
  • Creating a dashed line
  • Adding arrowheads to a path
  • Working with the Pencil tool
  • Joining with the Join tool

Color and Painting

  • Understanding color
  • Exploring color modes
  • Understanding the main color controls Working with color
  • Creating and saving a custom color as a swatch Creating and editing a global swatch
  • Using Illustrator swatch libraries
  • Creating spot color and tints
  • Working with the Color Guide

Working with Type

  • Adding Point and Area type
  • Threading text
  • Importing a plain text file
  • Creating columns of text
  • Understanding text flow
  • Formatting type
  • Modifying text with the Touch Type tool Creating and applying text styles
  • Warping and reshaping text
  • Creating and editing type on a path Wrapping text around objects
  • Creating text outlines