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Node.js Fundamentals

Explore the Node.js platform while creating an Express web application complete with user authentication and a MongoDB database.

Upcoming Classes

Saint Paul, MN

No classes are currently scheduled.

If you are interested in this course or would like to suggest a date, please contact us.

Course Outline

Introduction to Node.js

  • Installing Node & npm
  • Understanding package.json
  • Creating a simple Web Server

Using Express.js

  • Understanding Middleware
  • Creating Routes
  • Handling Requests and Responses
  • Serving Static Assets

Creating Views with Pug

  • Understanding Express Views
  • Introduction to Pug Templates
  • Creating and Extending Layouts
  • Passing Data into Templates

Database Storate with MongoDB

  • Understanding MongoDB
  • Creating a MongoDB.com Account
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Creating Schemas
  • Writing Queries with Mongoose
  • Writing Asynchronous Code

User Accounts & Authentication

  • Installing Passport.js
  • Creating a Login Form
  • Understanding Password Security
  • Sending Emails with a SMTP Server
  • Testing with Mailtrap.io


  • Understanding Deployment Requirements
  • Creating a Github.com Account
  • Understanding Git Repositories
  • Using Now
  • Deploying to Now from Github