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Transform your PowerPoint 2016 slides into interactive eLearning with stunning assets and quizzes & publish to HTML5. Track learner performance with the integration of leading LMSs.

Upcoming Classes

Saint Paul, MN

This course is currently offered as a Private Training. Please contact us to customize and schedule your individual or group event.

To conform with social distancing guidelines, we are only offering our classes online at this time.

Course Outline

Presenter Basics

  • The Adobe Presenter Interface
  • Characters
  • Scenes


  • Voiceover Scripts
  • Recording Voiceover Audio
  • Importing Audio
  • Editing Audio

Video and Pictures

  • Slide Video
  • Sidebar Video
  • Pictures
  • Edit an Imported Video

Interactive eLearning

  • Interactions
  • Scenario Interactions
  • Manage a Slide
  • Create a Hyperlink


  • Creating Quizzes
  • Insert a Graded Question
  • Add a Survey

Reporting Data

  • Preparing a Lesson for an LMS
  • Uploading to an LMS
  • Set Quiz Reporting Options
  • Create a Manifest File
  • Publish a Content Package
  • Create an Inquisiq LMS Account
  • Create an LMS Course
  • Attach a Lesson to a Course
  • Test an eLearning Course

Finishing Touches

  • Themes
  • Settings
  • Managing Slides
  • Apply a Theme
  • Edit the Presentation Settings
  • Create a Package