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Wordpress Fundamentals

Learn the basics of using and customizing a Wordpress website.

Upcoming Classes

Saint Paul, MN

This course is currently offered as a Private Training. Please contact us to customize and schedule your individual or group event.

To conform with social distancing guidelines, we are only offering our classes online at this time.

Course Outline

Anatomy of a WordPress Install

  • The Basic Install
  • Moving the WordPress Install to a Different Directory
  • Hacking the Database
  • Backing Up
  • Switching Hosts
  • How to Make Your WordPress Install More Secure

The WordPress Syntax

  • WordPress and PHP
  • The WordPress Codex
  • About the WordPress Core
  • Themes and Template Files
  • Using the Template Tags
  • Conditional Tags

The Loop

  • Understanding the WordPress Loop
  • Using the Loop
  • Multiple Loops
  • Using Custom Fields
  • Getting More Comfortable with the Loop

WordPress Theme Essentials

  • Theme Basics
  • Walking Through the Notes Blog Theme
  • Understanding Template Files
  • Using functions.php
  • Understanding Widgets and When to Use Them
  • Making Comments Look Good
  • Adding Custom Fields
  • Developing a Core Theme 110
  • Releasing a Theme
  • Moving Onward with Themes

The Child Theme Concept

  • The Brilliance of Child Themes
  • The Flipside of Inheritance
  • Common Issues to Keep in Mind
  • Managing Several Sites Using Child Themes
  • What about Theme Frameworks?

Advanced Theme Usage

  • Outlining the Theme
  • Individual Styling Techniques
  • Fancy Custom Features
  • Mastering Action Hooks
  • Using Taxonomies
  • Theme Option Pages
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Conditional Design
  • Working with RSS Feeds
  • Basic SEO Implementations
  • Trimming WordPress on the Theme Side
  • Themes versus Plugins

Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin

  • Plugin Basics
  • Methods for Incorporating Your Plugins
  • Must-Have Functionality for Plugins
  • Adding Widget Support to Plugins
  • Plugin Considerations When Using the Database
  • Backward Compatibility for Plugins
  • Plugins and WordPress Multisites
  • Hosting Your Plugins on wordpress.org
  • A Final Word of Warning about Creating Plugins

Plugins or functions.php?

  • When to Use a Plugin
  • When to Use functions.php
  • Solve It with Child Themes
  • Planning for Extended Functionality in Your WordPress Site

Essential WordPress Plugins

  • Content-Focused Plugins
  • Media Plugins
  • Administrative Plugins
  • Spam and Comment Management Plugins
  • Social Networking Plugins
  • Subscription and Mobile Plugins
  • SEO and Search Plugins
  • Code and Output Plugins
  • A Final Caveat: Do You Really Need That Plugin?

Is WordPress the Right Choice for Your CMS?

  • WordPress CMS Checklist
  • Trimming WordPress to the Essentials
  • The Perfect Setup for a Simple Static Website
  • Doing More Than the Basics
  • Managing Menus
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Integrating Non-WordPress Content
  • Don’t Forget to Include a Manual
  • A Final Word on Using WordPress as a CMS

Integrating the Social Web

  • Integrating Facebook/Twitter
  • Lifestreaming with WordPress
  • Getting Your Content Out via Social Web Submit buttons
  • Using a Hosted Comment Solution
  • Using Unifi ed Logins
  • The Importance of the Social Web

Design Trickery

  • Adding More Control Over Your Posts
  • Improving the Menu
  • Placing Ads Within the Loop
  • Creating 404s That Help the Visitor
  • Using JavaScript Libraries with WordPress
  • Making WordPress Your Own
  • Polishing Your WordPress Site

Fun with Images

  • Working with Image Galleries
  • Styling the Gallery
  • Randomizing Image Elements
  • Making the Most of Image-Sharing Services
  • Beware the Clutter

Extra Functionality

  • Tabbed Boxes
  • Displaying RSS Feeds
  • Sending e-Mail with WordPress
  • Adding a Login Form

Uncommon WordPress Usage

  • Working with User-Submitted Content
  • Using WordPress as an FAQ-like Knowledge Base
  • WordPress and E-Commerce
  • Building a Product Directory
  • Building a Links Site
  • Exploring the Gallery
  • Short and Sweet: Other Uses for WordPress