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Creating Infographics

In this one day class you will further refine your existing Illustrator skills by creating objects to be used in an infographic.

Upcoming Classes

Saint Paul, MN

This course is currently offered as a Private Training. Please contact us to customize and schedule your individual or group event.

To conform with social distancing guidelines, we are only offering our classes online at this time.

Course Outline

Why use Illustrator for infographics?

  • Vector artwork advantages
  • Scalable Vector Graphic format


  • “Create once use many” artwork
  • Creating Symbols
  • Breaking links to master symbol
  • “9-point” scaling option

Dynamic Symbols

  • Affecting changes in symbol without affecting the master
  • Isolating parts to modify
  • Loading Symbols from another Illustrator Document

Illustrator Chart Components

  • Which chart should I use?
  • Inputting data into Illustrator
  • Graph settings
  • Utilizing Graphic Styles with charts
  • Using artwork to represent data in Column Charts
  • Data marker enhancement with graphic object
  • Donut chart tip

Infographic Creation

  • Planning your infographic
  • Document set-up
  • Adding chart types

Graphic Elements

  • Finding Graphics
  • Shapebuilder tool
  • Tracing/template layer
  • Auto Tracing
  • Color Themes
  • Appearance Panel

Repurposing Vector Artwork

  • Copying parts from a larger piece of artwork
  • Modifying the artwork
  • Puppet Warp tool
  • Faux 3-D artwork
  • Building a CC library of assets


  • Font pairings
  • Adobe Type (formerly TypeKit)
  • Paragraph Styles / Character Styles