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jQuery Fundamentals

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and loading asynchronous data for rapid web development. In this two-day course, you'll change the way that you write JavaScript. jQuery has a lightweight footprint, is CSS3 compliant, and is supported cross-browser.

Upcoming Classes

Saint Paul, MN

This course is currently offered as a Private Training. Please contact us to customize and schedule your individual or group event.

To conform with social distancing guidelines, we are only offering our classes online at this time.

Course Outline

Essential jQuery

  • Getting Started with jQuery
  • Selecting Page Elements
  • Selecting a Set of Elements
  • Running Code When a Page is Ready
  • Showing and Hiding Page Elements
  • Specifying Elements in a Hierarchy
  • Creating Visual Effects
  • Creating New HTML Elements

Selecting Elements the jQuery Way

  • Selecting Direct Descendants
  • Selecting First and Last Children
  • Selecting Elements with Specific Text
  • Selecting Elements by Attribute
  • Examining Checked Boxes and Radio Buttons
  • Examining Elements That the User Selected\

Working with Elements the jQuery Way

  • Looping over Elements in a Wrapped Set
  • Reading Attribute Values
  • Setting Attribute Values
  • Rewriting Elements’ HTML
  • Appending Content to Elements
  • Moving Page Elements
  • Setting Element Width and Height
  • Wrapping Elements
  • Inserting Elements
  • Editing the value Attribute

Working with Events

  • Event Handling in JavaScript and jQuery
  • Binding Event Handlers Using Shortcuts
  • Getting Mouse Coordinates
  • Capturing Keystrokes
  • Capturing Hover Events

The jQuery Utility Functions

  • Customizing HTML by Browser Type
  • Checking Browser Support for Specifi c Features
  • Creating Arrays
  • Trimming Text

Jumping into Ajax

  • About Ajax
  • Working with Ajax the Standard Way
  • Using jQuery load( ) to Implement Ajax
  • Using Callbacks with the load( ) Function

Using the jQuery Widgets

  • Working with Widgets