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Premiere Fundamentals

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Fundamentals is a comprehensive two-day training course provides a solid foundation in video editing using Adobe Premiere CC 2019, an industry standard for video editing. This class covers using the Premiere workspace, transitions, effects and filters, editing audio, exporting your work, and more. This class gets you up and running quickly in video editing.

Upcoming Classes

Saint Paul, MN

This course is currently offered as a Private Training. Please contact us to customize and schedule your individual or group event.

To conform with social distancing guidelines, we are only offering our classes online at this time.

Course Outline

Touring Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Nonlinear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Expanding the workflow
  • Touring the Adobe Premiere Pro interface

Setting Up a Project

  • Creating a project
  • Timcode explained
  • Setting up a sequence
  • Creating a sequence preset
  • Maximum Bit Depth and Maximum Render Quality

Importing Media

  • Importing media
  • Working with the Media Browser panel
  • Importing still image files
  • Introducing Dynamic Link
  • Image tips for Adobe Photoshop files
  • Using Adobe Stock
  • Customizing the media cache
  • Recording a voice over

Organizing Media

  • Using the Project panel
  • Working with bins
  • Finding your media files
  • Creating Search bins
  • Changing the available label colors
  • Monitoring footage
  • Modifying clips

Mastering the Essentials of Video Editing

  • Using the Source Monitor
  • Editing from the Project Panel
  • Navigating the Timeline
  • Using essential editing commands
  • Editing with four points
  • Setting the duration for still images

Adding Transitions

  • What are transitions?
  • Using edit points and handles
  • Adding video transitions
  • Using A/B mode to fine-tune a transition
  • Adding audio transitions

Advanced Editing techniques

  • Four-point editing
  • Changing playback speed
  • Replacing clips and footage
  • Nesting sequences
  • Regular trimming
  • Making ripple edits with keyboard shortcuts

Editing and Mixing Audio

  • Setting up the interface to work with audio
  • Examining audio characteristics
  • Recording a voiceover00
  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Sending audio to Adobe Audition CC
  • Auto-duck music
  • Creating a split edit
  • Adjusting audio levels in a clip

Creating Graphics

  • An overview of the Essential Graphics panel
  • Video typography essentials
  • Creating graphics
  • Text styles
  • Creating a graphic in or title in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Working with template titles
  • Introducing captions

Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

  • Understanding export options
  • Exporting single frames
  • Exporting a master copy
  • Working with Adobe Media Encoder CC
  • Using the formats
  • Uploading to social medians