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You already know how fabulous Photoshop is for fixing photos and creating awe-inspiring art. But to get the images you're after, you also must know how to layer, mask, master those incredible brushes, combine images, and work sharp, fast and smart. In this fun and fact-packed class, we also cover how to use Photoshop's built-in effects and type styles to your best advantage; as well as give you time to become friends with the Bézier pen tool – necessary for quick pixel isolation and creating clipping paths.

Don't wind up with hours spent and nothing to show. Learn how to communicate with printers and clients using proper terminology. Photoshop - Level 2 is an absolute MUST for anyone planning to work in either print or web production and design. Naturally, if you're proficient in a specialized skill such as color correction, restoring bad images and enhancing good images with special effects or outlining, you're more valuable in the workplace. Photoshop – Level 2 digs right into flatbed scanning, color correction, color theory, advanced masking, adjustment layers, custom text, special effects, workhorse design filters, DIY patterns and fills, 3-D shading techniques and lighting effects, layer management, and of course shortcuts, shortcuts, and shortcuts.

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Photoshop Fundamentals (2 days)  
Photoshop Advanced Techniques (2 days)  
Web Design Fundamentals: Photoshop to Dreamweaver (2 days)  
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